Immersedition™ is now partnering with publishers

With the Immersedition™ your readers can engage with a story in ways we've never before dreamed possible. The Immersedition™ curates the reading experience using subtle, watermark-style icons we call Immersicons™ as guide. They appear throughout the book at the perfect moment, serving only as a portal to highly relevant and engaging content, never as a distraction. Immersicons™ pull the reader deeper into the story world, letting them know when to interact and what kind of interaction to expect. 

Immerseditions™ are limitless because stories are limitless. And with them you can...

Engage your audience like never before

Bring new life to backlist titles

Add extra buzz to highly anticipated new releases

Our main focus is building interactive story experiences. Wired Magazine recently featured the Immersedition™ among the independent organizations that are leading the way in enhanced ebook and app offerings.

We are now collaborating with publishers to build interactive stories and story worlds. As a transmedia content studio, we're capable of creating interactive story elements for any project. Whether your project demands the creation of a custom-designed Immersedition™ interactive app experience or requires the production of individual elements, our transmedia studio is the perfect partner with whom to explore going interactive. 

The process begins with the story itself, whether it is a new high-profile young adult fiction series or a classroom classic. Each Immersedition™ project is guided by the text itself. Immersedition™ – based in Nashville, Tennessee — is an interactive studio with capabilities that include but are never limited to...

  • TRANSMEDIA CONTENT: Immersedition Project Directors will creatively collaborate with authors and creators who wish to write their own transmedia story elements, though Immersedition project staff can also craft additional content where desired. Directors will also identify and incorporate existing story world assets relevant to the Immersedition platform. 
  • SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT - social media strategy and content development using the Immersedition's™ patented Immersicon model, and an endless array of story-specific springboards
  • ORIGINAL MUSIC: writing, recording, producing, and publishing songs fit for your audience — even finding artists, making music videos, and promotion.
  • VIDEO PRODUCTION: design, direction, shooting, and editing original video content
  • LICENSING & PARTNERSHIPS: facilitate all music, video, and media licensing with appropriate labels, publishers and organizations
  • CURRICULM DEVELOPMENT: Immersedition Educational Directors available to design, write, and execute developmentally appropriate curriculum for Immersedition versions of teachable texts. Teachers guides, web experiences, and sample lesson plans can also be crafted to round out an immersive educational experience.

Immersicons™ in Action

Bookmakers must become multimedia companies — creating audio, video and interactive components for their immersive, built-for-tablets offerings... independent publishers generally find themselves in a much better position to take the risks needed to find out what works for enhanced e-books.
— Angela Watercutter, Wired Magazine

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