Immersedition™ for Education

With the Immersedition™ your readers can engage with a story in ways we've never before dreamed possible. The Immersedition™ curates the reading experience using subtle, watermark-style icons we call Immersicons™ as guide. They appear throughout the book at the perfect moment, serving only as a portal to highly relevant and engaging content, never as a distraction. Immersicons™ pull the reader deeper into the story world, letting them know when to interact and what kind of interaction to expect. 

Whether used in a classroom as the curricular text of choice, used only by a teacher as a guide in creating his or her discussions and plans, or used by the struggling eighth grader who, without an Immersedition™, might ditch the book and read Sparknotes instead, the Immersedition™ is a new way to think about a teachable text. It is a way to guarantee high quality, thought-provoking information and discussion to anyone who reads the book. It is a chance to take literature-based learning experiences to an entirely new level.

We partnered with the top-ranked Peabody College at Vanderbilt University to bring the Immersedition ™ methodology to curricular text experiences. To build these engaging educational experiences, Immersedition™ Educational Directors design, write, and execute developmentally appropriate curriculum for Immersedition™ versions of teachable texts. Teachers guides, web experiences, and sample lesson plans can also be crafted to round out an immersive educational experience. 

This app is a chance to capitalize on every teachable moment, a way to guarantee high-quality, thought- provoking information and discus- sion to anyone who reads the book. It is a chance to take literature- based learning experiences to an entirely new level, a way to individ- ualize instruction with a single tool.
— Amanda Havard, in an article for the ALAN Review

Using the non-invasive Immersedition™ format allows readers to engage as they like and reach for answers only when they have questions. The pilot educational Immersedition™, Romeo & Juliet, has two formats– a reader mode with only Immersicons™ and a full workshop mode that also offers footnotes and highlighted literary devices.  

Reader Mode

Workshop Mode