The Immersedition™ Team

Amanda Havard, Creative Director & Founder

Amanda Havard is the creator of the patent-pending  Immersedition™ experience. Havard has advanced degrees in Early Childhood Education and Child Development, as well as in Cognitive Development as it pertains to Curriculum & Instruction from Peabody College at Vanderbilt University and was appointed a fellowship to Peabody Research Institute where she was a part of projects that worked to design curriculum as it pertained to children's cognitive development. Seeing an opportunity to parlay this research into literature-based learning app experiences, Havard partnered with researchers from Peabody College at Vanderbilt University to create the educational Romeo & Juliet Immersedition™ which allows for students to engage as they like, is structured to offer a scaffolded approach to literature learning, and gives students a chance to find a simple answer to inferential questions they might ask while reading, or signal them to ask that question even if they weren't already engaged in the text enough to answer it. It provides a tool for teachers and parents alike to allow their young readers to engage with the text in a structured, controlled environment that, most importantly, the student self-regulates. 

The author of the supernatural young adult series, The Survivors, a transmedia franchise — including the pilot full-length novel Immersedition — with an online following of over 4.5 million readers, Havard has been profiled in a diverse array of publications (Wired, American Cheerleader Magazine, Ypulse) and recently wrote an article on the tangible learning benefits of immersive storytelling and future literacy for the National Council of Teachers of English's (NCTE) ALAN Review.

L.C. Havard, CEO


L. C. Havard is a business and technology pioneer. The Immersedition™ is just another in a long line of fearless moves into new fields where Havard’s vision sees a possibility to embrace new technologies. The creation of the Immersedition™ was inspired by Havard’s visions for what new technologies could mean for transmedia. Where antiquated models persist in book publishing and other media production, Havard sees an opportunity for change, which is no surprise since he’s made his career in shaking things up. Before forming Immersedition™, Havard spent more than 17 years in health care, another industry famous for its resistance to change. His innovative thinking led to his success in many different facets of healthcare and healthcare technology, even obtaining an intellectual property patent for his technologies. He implemented new models of health care systems for numerous entities, even such giants as Wal-Mart. In addition to advances he oversaw for leading clients, Havard has served the industry in leadership roles such as the American Association of Preferred Provider Organizations' board of directors. He retired as CEO of Ecom PPO Advisors in September 2009.

Erica Erwin, Community Manager


Erica Erwin is an avid digester of all things digital. Before social media was a marketing must-have, Erwin mastered her skills in communication from Middle Tennessee State University with a B.S. from one of the nation's leading Recording Industry programs. She began her career working with clients interested in optimizing their web presence and making the most of their online identity. Staying primarily within the entertainment industry, Erwin has been on campaigns for various award-winning artists and labels in addition to small businesses, comedians, and venues. She has been on the Immersedition™ team since its inception to master the social community around The Survivors and all Immersedition™ experiences.

Trish Jones, Chief Operating Officer


Trish Jones brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Immersedition™ with more than 20 years of progressively responsible experience in managing operations and financials for various industries. Jones adds unique insight to the organization with her background in healthcare organizations, travel, and software industries. With a strong history in accounting and finance, she adds a distinctive ability to lead from a financial outlook to deliver storing revenue growth and profits. Jones is responsible for the operations of the company, as well as directing financial affairs and strategic revenue growth. She holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Houston.

Kelly P. Simmon, PR Specialist


Kelly is obsessed with anything having to do with books and the authors who write them. After an eclectic marketing and public relations background, Kelly found her home in the literary world merging her passion and her work together. Her life revolves around her family, books, and music. In her spare time, Kelly writes for a few blogs as well. It is one of her greatest joys to get to walk alongside an author as they put one of their stories out “into the wild”. Kelly is passionate about helping authors get the word out about their latest literary projects. Working with authors and publishers doing what she loves most is a dream come true.

Amy Evans, Executive Producer


Amy Evans is a writer, game producer and interactive technology evangelist with fifteen years of experience. In 2000, she co-founded HIPnTASTY Inc., a mobile marketing and entertainment company known for creating  content that merges communication and entertainment, using technology to connect users with stories, devices, and the world at large. Amy has designed and launched many transmedia and mobile applications including Mobile Hunt, a location based scavenger hunt that took place in twelve citites for Lollapalooza, Name That Ringtone with BMI Music and Ringtone Trivia for Rogers AT&T.

In addition to designing content, Amy served the company as President, licensing HIPnTASTY technology to  clients and partners including Marvel, Verizon, Ericsson,, to name a few. As an early evangelist of mobile marketing, she consulted with a number of advertising agencies including McCannErickson, Footsteps Inc and J. Walter Thompson to help their brands break into the mobile marketing space.

As Executive Producer for Immersidition, Amy is responsible for licensing technology, creative development and product launches. Follow her on twitter: @aammyyss where she tweets about the intersection of stories, technology and the environment.  Her first young adult novel, Clicks, will be released in May 2013.

Development and Content Partners