Why we like turning pages.

The brain is a complex and interesting thing. There are specific processes and functions our brains do subconsciously to help us understand things, but it is usually our job to help give it the right paths to most accurately figure them out. This is no different with simple tasks like brushing your teeth, steering a car, and even reading a book. We're usually taught these concepts at a very young age... for instance, to make our tricycle turn to the right we have to turn the handlebars to the right.

Page turning in The Survivors Immersedition

For most kids, when it comes to reading there are general "book" concepts we teach before a child can actually read the book word-for-word. We teach them words like "cover" and "page" so they know what's what. They learn what all goes in to a book so they'll know what to do with it. Next, they learn concepts you use while reading like turning pages. Yes, we teach children to turn pages. That is what you do with a book, right? This is a "feature" of a book we've come to expect (unless you're reading on a scroll from ancient Egyptian times, in which case you win). If you ask us to do something different, it literally takes our brains time to process and map out this function. It's like getting in a car where turning the wheel left makes the car go right.

The new scrolling feature in iBooks 3.

So, when we built the first Immersedition we knew there were some things books just did. Turning pages was one of them. Our theory is that when it comes to reading, the goal is make the brain focus on higher learning, on diving deeper into the story, and (for the child struggling to analyze and decipher deeper meanings) on asking questions while reading. We don't want to take the focus away from those things with new mapping and concepts just because we can. Any move we make on function should have a purpose... and hopefully that purpose is to enhance the reading experience so people can connect on higher levels with stories. (Shouldn't that be a given though?)

Needless to say, we're a little confused on why iBooks 3 is so proud of their new scrolling feature. We're still pretty excited about reading books like books.

But with some non-invasive story-diving features built in.